introducing JMINTL company.

Article 1 (Purposes for Collecting and Using Personal Information and Items)

① JMINTL Co., Ltd. collects personal information to confirm users’ identities and intentions to useservices and provide customized optimal services. JMINTL Co., Ltd. collects necessary minimuminformation when people first register to smoothly provide services. The companycangather additional information if necessary for payment, delivery and refunding after service use.
② JMINTL Co., Ltd. doesn’t use personal information for other purposes or provide the informationto third parties without getting users’ consent.
③ JMINTL Co., Ltd. can collect and use personal information for the following purposes. When it isnecessary to collect and keep resident registration numbers and bank account numbers underrelated laws, such as the Act on the Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc., theFramework Act on National Taxes and the Electronic Financial Transactions Act, the company cangather such information after notifying users.

1. To form contracts to provide services (such as personal identification and intention confirmation)
2. To provide information about a new service, new products and events: In this case, the companydoesn’t collect sensitive information (race, nationality, ideology and beliefs, permanent address, political inclination, criminal record, health condition and sex life, etc.) that can violate users’ basichuman rights.

Article 2 (Items of Personal Information to Be Collected and Ways of Collections)

① JMINTL Co., Ltd. collects personal data, including names, IDs, passwords, e-mail addresses,addresses, telephone numbers and mobile phone numbers, to provide services when people firstregister.
② JMINTL Co., Ltd. can request additional data to provide specific services regarding events and theshopping mall. In this case, the company asks users to offer their resident registration numbers toconfirm their real names and additional information necessary for providing other services.
③ JMINTL Co., Ltd. also can request personal information to analyze collective statistical data or tosend gifts for surveys or events. At this time, related personal information won’t be used forpurposes other than already-stated provision of relevant service or purposes revealed to members.
④ Data, such as IP addresses, the date and time of visits and records of service use, can beautomatically formed and collected to prevent illegal and unauthorized use, to develop newservices and to provide customized service while using services or handling business.

Article 3 (Collection of Personal Information by Cookies)

JMINTL Co., Ltd. uses ‘cookies’for storing and finding your information. A cookie is a small amount of information that a website sends to your computer browsers (such as Netscape and Internet Explorer). When you log onto a website, a computer of JMINTL Co., Ltd. reads the contents of a cookie in your browsers and finds your additional information in your computer. In this way, the company can provide services without needing additional data, including your names, following the login. The cookie identifies your computer, not you personally. In addition, you can choose cookies. You can accept all of the cookies, get notifications when cookies are installed or reject all cookies through adjusting options of your web browsers.

Article 4 (Use of Personal Information Beyond Right Purposes and Its Provision to Third Parties)

JMINTL Co., Ltd. uses your personal information within the scope notified in and doesn’t use the information beyond the scope or provide it to others, other companies or institutions. JMINTL Co., Ltd. can provide the information to business partners or share the information with them to provide better services. In the case of providing or sharing personal information, the company will notify each of you to get your consent using e-mails or documents about business partners, items of personal information to be provided or shared, reasons for it and until when and how the information will be protected and managed. If you don’t agree, your information won’t be provided to business partners or shared with them.

Article 5 (Access to and Correction of Personal Information)

① You can always make access to or correct registered personal information. If you want to read or correct your information, you can do so through clicking . If you send an e-mail to the person who manages personal information ( company will take care of it.
② When you request corrections of your personal information, the company won’t use theinformation until the necessary corrections are made.

Article 6 (Withdrawal from Consent for Collection, Use and Provision of Personal Information)

① You can always withdraw your consent that you gave about collection, use and provision of yourpersonal information to be registered as a user. If you send an e-mail to the person who managespersonal information, the company will immediately take the necessary actions, such as deletion ofpersonal information.
② JMINTL Co., Ltd. will take the necessary actions so that you can withdraw your consent (membershipwithdrawal) in the same method and procedure for collection of personal information.

Article 7 (Periods for Personal Information Retention and Use)

Users’ personal information, in principle, is destroyed without delay after the purposes of collectingand using the information are achieved. The following may constitute exceptional cases.

① Reasons for information retention under related laws
If it is necessary to retain users’ personal information under related laws, such as commercial law and the Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc, the company keeps members’ data for a certain period of time fixed by those laws. In this case, the company should use the information only for the right purposes and the retention periods are as follows.

1. Records of contracts or subscription withdrawals Retention reason: Law about consumer protection in e-commerce, among others Retention period: 5 years

2.Records of payment and supply of goods Retention reason: Law about consumer protection in e-commerce, among others Retention period: 5 years

3. Records of members’ complaints or handling of disputes Retention reason: Law about consumer protection in e-commerce, among others Retention period: 3 years

4. Records of visits Retention reason: Protection of Communications Secrets Act Retention period: 3 months

② Reasons for information possession based on internal policy of the company 1. Records of illegal use Retention reason: Preventing illegal use Retention period: 6 months 2. Personal information items to be retained Essential and optional items stated to be a registered user Postings Records of commercial transactions Login records

Article 8 (Consignment Processing of Personal Information)

JMINTL Co., Ltd. won’t consign the processing of your personal data to an outsourcing company toimprove services.
① In the case of consigning the processing of personal data to an outsourcing company, we will notify you about this.
② In the case of consigning the processing of personal data to an outsourcing company, we will clearly prescribe thatservice providers should strictly observe the protection of personal information, should keep the information confidential, shouldn’t provide the information to third parties and should take responsibility for accidents through a consignment contract and will keep contents of the contract in writing or electronically.

Article 9 (Opinion Collection and Complaint Handling)

JMINTL Co., Ltd. is opening windows (Q&A and message boards, web mails) through which youcan express opinions and raise complaints regarding the protection of personal information. If a personhas a complaint about personal information and expresses an opinion to the person who manages personal information, the company will take immediate actionbased on any such expressed opinions and notify the results. You also can ask the state-run Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA) center for protection regarding your personal information ( and to take care of your complaints.

Procedure and Method for Destroying Personal Information JMINTL Co., Ltd. destroys personal information without delay in principle after the purposes forcollecting and using the information are achieved. The procedure and method for destroyingpersonal information are as follows.

ο Destruction Procedure Information input by members to register shall be moved to a separate DB (paper files are moved to a separate file cabinet) after the purposes are achieved. The information shall be stored for a fixed period of time depending on reasons for information protection (refer to retention and use periods) under the internal policy of other related laws and then be destroyed. Personal information moved to a separate DB won’t be used for other purposes except for cases where the law must be complied with.

ο Destruction Method – Personal information stored as electronic files shall be deleted using irreversible technicalmethods.